remember when marvel tried to tell us they couldn’t create wakanda because it was ‘easier to base the films [in america]’ and too difficult to create and then proceeded to announce guardians of the galaxy with a straight face

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kevin ‘i’d like to make a woman led film but that would mean cancelling one of our straight white male films and i can’t do that’ feige

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はじまりはあの日 by あくるひ // Odaiba Day ‘14

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what if they finally finish the dark ocean plot though

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shiningstarbless asked: Pokemon or Digimon?

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im tryna hold in that digimon blogging but i don’t think i can make it

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Artists Who Make Me CryStephanie Hans [6]

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August 1st, 1999 - August 1st, 2014

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'i swear guys they're going to do the infinity gauntlet! and casual movie goers are going to love it!'

'lol yeah right kid there's no way. next you'll be telling me thor's got his own franchise'


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go back in time to 2008 and tell a room full of nerds that one day guardians of the galaxy will be so popular that ryan seacrest will give an ‘i am groot’ shoutout on the radio and you’ll be laughed out of comic con, kid

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