this head canon is getting so out of control but i bet bruce didn’t have a strong gotham accent because of living in such a affluent area and he probably lost a lot of the harsh edge when he was travelling. when he first came back to gotham it was weird for the citizens to accept him not only because ‘wow giant bat guy weird’ but because he didn’t exactly sound like a native to the area. like who the hell is this guy marching in? does he even go here?

the more time he spent as matches and under cover in the darker areas probably helped and when jason came along he probably made it his mission to teach bruce all the slang you could only find in the filthiest areas of gotham, all the little code words he missed in stake outs because they always slipped past him (you know gotham thugs would have made their language impenetrable to someone who’s never been down a dark alley in gotham before. take that fbi no undercover stakeouts for you)

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tiny jason todd defending his mothers honour when kids at the fancy prep school bruce sends him to start to make fun because she was born and raised in crime alley.

tiny jason interrupting bruce’s lectures about the city and telling him that he might be from gotham, but he’ll never understand it the way jason does. you were raised on the outskirts in a manor, bruce - jason was born in the heart of it. he’s grown up feeling the rage that gotham can bring, the despair and the greed. he’s burned from all the injustice gotham has thrown at him: but he’s also seen the beauty the community can produce. the way everyone sticks together. the old lady who lived next door who kept his mothers personal belongings years after she passed on, the kids he grew up with who dreamed of a better future. yes, it’s a breeder of filth but you say that to a gothamite and you’ll be lucky to walk away with only a split lip.

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little kids from gotham with skinned knees; wearing their faded gotham knights shirts with holes in the sleeves with pride, making their accents thicker and standing up to bullies on school trips: ‘aren’t you from gotham?’ ‘yeah so what’

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i bet people that live in gotham have a really strong accent, one that people in other towns would describe as ‘rough’ and would probably refer to with disdain. but i bet it’d just make the people of gotham more proud. little kids in crime alley trying to make their dialect tougher, copying their parents twangs with enthusiasm because gotham is their home and they’re damn proud of being gothamites even though it isn’t the nicest place to live

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everytime i see a nathalie emmanuel gifset all i think is hollyoaks

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it is THE post on tumblr

every odd few comments somebody is like ‘wow i never liked superman before but after seeing this i changed my mind’ like yeS SUCCUMB

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this post gained like 20,380 extra notes in two days (its at like 58,000 or something now)

the power of superman guys

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  • Marvel: Introduces Thanos.
  • Marvel: Confirms Thanos will appear in multi-picture deal.
  • Marvel: Hints at Infinity Gauntlet.
  • Marvel: Introduces Infinity Stones.
  • Marvel: Confirms Infinity Stones will appear across multiple movies as a running subplot.
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