We’ll Take Manhattan (UK, 2012)

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Starfire by Eduardo Barreto and Romeo Tanghal (via Best Art Ever (This Week) - 09.19.14)

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its inevitable that when the new thor comic is released we shall gain 100 new thora fancasts. but before you photoshop charlize theron i implore you to consider beth pheonix

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i’m so excited to turn 21 because my wages rise from £5.20 per hour to £6.20 think of all the comics i can buy

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tinateahan said: 

Where is it from?

jones and jones fashion :) they’re my go to for night out dresses

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trying to make a sensible, money conscious choice when picking my outfit for my birthday but this £60 dress is calling to me

remember when i told you about that website where i could buy academic books for free because of my uni card?

they also sell comics

i could have been buying comics instead of learning smh

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robbie is left handed like me it’s meant to be

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I didn´t notice that Robbie Reyes is left-handed (?

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―  Favourite Comic Book Characters:

 Spider-Man 2099 / Miguel O’Hara

inspired by (x)

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